The Krakow Klub: A Slow Mundane Read.

Rating:  1 Star Out of 5

The Krakow Klub is the latest novel by author Philip C. Elrod. It’s the second novel in the M ylean Universe Series. Full disclosure here: I did not read the prequel, Mylea, so I came into this novel at a bit of a disadvantage, not knowing the events that led up to The Krakow Klub. I believe, however, a novel should stand a bit on its own, even in a series.
There is a story here. For the life of me I could not find it.

I had a very hard time with this novel. This wasn’t due to any handicap I had coming into the series lacking knowledge of what happened in the previous novel, rather it was caused by the unemotional and almost robotic writing.

Elrod has (according to his bio) written books about data collection, computer technology and technical trading of securities. Reading The Krakow Klub was like reading a technical manual or a text book.

At this point I will refrain from a spoiler warning because quite honestly, there is nothing to spoil.  Here is what happens in the first 100 pages (1/3 of the novel)
* A detailed, technical description of a space station.
* A detailed description of a house and island in Key West.
* A step-by-step description of how the protagonist, John F. Scott purchases the Island.
* Scott meets a woman and she describes how to enter her phone number into his phone.

It’s not fast paced. It’s not thrilling. The dialogue, (little that there is) is wooden, mechanical and dry. What I read is a great outline for a future novel. What Mr. Elrod needs to do now is write a compelling, captivating, emotional novel that draws the reader into this world he created. Otherwise, it’s just a technical manual.

I absolutely hate having to leave negative reviews, knowing that authors pour a lot of time and effort into their work. Unfortunately for The Kraków Klub, I can not recommend this novel.

I reviewed this book for NetGalley.


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