Spotlight On Astounding Authors 2

We are back this week with four more Astounding Authors. While I was not able to review their novel, please give them a look. Then come back here to Astounding Books to let us know what you thought!

Now on to this week’s Astounding Authors!

Jubilee Year: A Novel (Erelong Book #1) by Gerard O’Neill
Facebook:  Gerardoneill.books
Twitter:  @GONeillBooks

What if the world were about to end, but they weren’t going to tell you? Eighteen-year-old Storm lives in a small country town in Australia, next to one of the most famous telescopes in the world. When he falls for Penny, the daughter of the chief scientist at the observatory, he discovers a global conspiracy of silence.
He learns a mini-star system approaches Earth, and the penalty for any scientist who talks about it is death. If Storm and his companions are to survive they must stay out of the way of the government’s security forces, assassination squads working for powerful hidden entities, and the internment camps for dissenters.
Even his special ability is not going to be enough. He must accept help when it’s offered. But others are not who they seem to be and neither is the reality of a world Storm thought he knew.

Click here to purchase Jubilee Year: A Novel (Erelong Book #1)

Wave Mandate by A.C. Schneider
Twitter: @howtofightfor

This is undoubtedly the biggest:

…day of Kelerin’s life: A warrior/scholar from the prestigious all-boys Academy on Osmos, he’ll be facing off against his arch rival in what many are already calling the ‘duel of the year.’
…feeling Analel’s ever had: A telepathic ascetic from the Academy’s all-girls sister seminary, she’s suddenly sharing a psychic connection with the boy Academic, Kelerin, in a way that should not be possible.
…accomplishment of Jonas’ career: The valiant Academic has returned victorious from the Mandate Race, but at what cost, and future consequence?
…opportunity of Bar-Kas’ one-man-war against the Islands: The Second Son of the Mainland has waited long for this moment, to avenge his brother’s blood honor.
…and all of Osmos will never be the same for any of it.

Chick Here to purchase Wave Mandate

A Stalled Ox (1888 novellas) by Dean Moses
imageTwitter: @DeanMoses

A Stalled Ox, looks at faith, human consumption, morality, addiction, and the basics of human desires all wrapped up in a neat package of satirically coated horror and suspense. A short synopsis: An isolated religious cult has reportedly been consuming meat while the rest of the planet has been forced to live a life without it. Presuming this sect has resorted to cannibalism, two agents from an organization known simply as The Agency are dispatched to investigate. Will they find evidence of humans eating one another? Or is something even stranger taking place?

Click here to purchase A Stalled Ox (1888 novellas)

Sugar Time by Joy V. Smith
Twitter:  @JoyVSmith

Her name is Sugar. Sugar Sweet. When her Uncle Max falls ill and his collaborators disappear, he asks her to investigate the old Victorian mansion where he conducted his research–inventing a working time machine. Sugar must act quickly to unlock the secret of time travel so she can set things right and dispose of the bodies… She really could use the help of the police who showed up, her time travel techie, and those aliens… Sugar Time collects all four of Joy V. Smith’s Sugar Sweet stories into one volume.

Click here to purchase Sugar Time

That’s it for this week.




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