Saturday Morning Over Easy

imageThe Golden Globes are this weekend. Several nominees (for movie, actress, or other) are based on novels: The Revenant, The Martian, The Danish Girl, Room. As bibliophiles, we know there is a very tenuous relationship to what we read or our favorite novel to that which is portrayed on the big screen. Some can be gloriously done (Lord of the Rings) while others barely resemble the novel at all (I, Robot). For me, reading the novel first is paramount. If I know Hollywood is making a film or television series of a particular story, I run out and read the novel first. In some cases, if the trailers for the movie look bad, I’ll avoid it altogether, deciding instead to keep the enjoyment of the novel intact.

What is your experience? Movie first or Novel first? What is your Best Adaptation of a novel? The Worst?


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