Spotlight on Astounding Authors

Welcome back to another edition of Spotlight on Astounding Authors. I honestly wish I had the time to read all of these amazing books, but alas, I will have to leave that up to you.  This week we present to you Book 1 of the Four Feasts till Darkness series; Volume 1 of The Hero of Legend; a dark crime thriller; and a novel that some have called “profoundly disturbing to read”. Do we know how to pick them or what?

Please support independent and emerging authors. I hope you take a chance on one, if not all, of our offerings this week.  By clicking on the links provided you support not only the author but also Astounding Books and allow us to keep bringing you more Astounding authors each week.  And be sure to let us know what you think. We’d love to read YOUR review. Enjoy!


imageFeast of Fates
(Four Feasts Till Darkness: Book 1)
Author: Christian A. Brown
Publisher: Forsythia Press (September 15, 2014)
Pages: 551
Genre: Dark Fantasy
Twitter: @AuthorChrisAB
Facebook:  @christianadrianbrown

Morigan lives a quiet life as the handmaiden to a fatherly old sorcerer named Thackery. But when she crosses paths with Caenith, a not wholly mortal man, her world changes forever. Their meeting sparks long buried magical powers deep within Morigan. As she attempts to understand her newfound abilities, unbidden visions begin to plague her—visions that show a devastating madness descending on one of the Immortal Kings who rules the land.

With Morigan growing more powerful each day, the leaders of the realm soon realize that this young woman could hold the key to their destruction. Suddenly, Morigan finds herself beset by enemies, and she must master her mysterious gifts if she is to survive.

Explore this Dark Fantasy and download your copy by Clicking HERE!


imageThe Realmsic Conquest
(The Hero of Legend: Vol. 1)
Author: Demethius Jackson
Publisher: CreateSpace (July 2014)
Pages: 346
Genre: Young Adult / Fantasy
Twitter: @Demethius_J
Facebook: The Realmsic Conquest

From its establishment, The Realm has remained the only magical kingdom in existence. As a result, it has never known peace. For centuries, conquerors have sought the Realm’s power for themselves, while non-magical people known as Laymen have fought to eradicate magic from their lives. Although the kingdom has never fallen, it must now defend against the Warlord Damian – a brilliantly merciless conqueror who usens history as a weapon.

Rallying those resentful of the Realm’s magic, Damian has amassed a Legion of Warriors – the largest military force ever assembled. The Kingdom’s defeat is eminent! Maebus, the Realm’s newest King, has only ruled for six days. Yet he must now lead the magical Realmsic Kingdom through its most perilous conflict ever.

Get your copy of The Realmsic Conquest by Demethius Jackson today! Click HERE!


imageThe Traveling Man
Author: Michael P. King
Publisher: Blurred Lines Press (April 2015)
Pages: 192
Genre: Crime Thriller
Website: MichaelPKingWriter
Facebook: @MichaelP.King
Twitter: @mpking3312

Married con artists, using the aliases Tom and Patty Brown, arrive in the small city of Seanboro with their partner, Buddy Ray, masquerading as land speculators. Their plan is to falsify the environmental reports on a contaminated tract of lakefront property and sell the land to a local gangster who is involved in real estate development. But as their plan progresses, and the double-crosses pile up, they find themselves pursued by their now ex-partner Buddy, seeking revenge, and by an old enemy plotting their murder.

This novel is a dark crime thriller that will take you for a roller coaster ride. Get started by CLICKING HERE!


imageMatthew and the Derelict
Author: Joseph J. Wood
Publisher: Joseph J. Wood (Nov. 2015)
Pages: 224
Genre: Psychological Thriller
Twitter: @_JosephJWood
Facebook: Joseph J. Wood
Website: matthewandthederelict

A vindictive nihilist and his sycophantic sidekick delight in petty urban terrorism and indulgent hedonism. But when the course of events spiral out of control, the sidekick is suddenly left with more responsibility than he could have ever imagined – knowledge of how the world will end.

Now a leader with his own sycophantic followers, Matthew will struggle with his new role and the responsibilities it brings, all the while searching for a way to evade the imminent apocalypse that he has become the prophet of.

Read what some are calling “A profoundly disturbing read” today. CLICK HERE to get your copy.


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