Spotlight on Astounding Authors

This week in our Spotlight on Astounding Authors we are featuring three novels that are kicking off their respective series and an exciting fantasy novel about a woman on the run. If any of our authors or novels sound intriguing, give one a try, click on the titles or on the links provided.

If you are interested in having your novel be either reviewed by Astounding Books, or featured in our Spotlight on Astounding Authors, please email us at Be sure to include a brief description of your novel, publishing information and any social links you would like us to include.

Now to this week’s Astounding Authors.

imageReturn to Mech City

(Robot Horizon Book 1)
Author: Brian Bakos
Publisher: Brian Bakos (June 2013)
Pages: 396
Genre: Sci-Fi / Dystopian
Facebook: @brian.bakos

The end of the world as you’ve never seen it before. Life goes on in Mech City, but it is no longer human. A sinister Roboto Fascist regime has taken hold which will destroy everything of beauty inherited from the human precursors. Only Winston Horvath, scholar model robot, and his unlikely allies stand in the way.

Join the resistance!  Down load Brian Bakos’ Return to Mech City HERE!


Author: Benjamin A. Sorensen
Publisher: Amazon Digital (Oct. 2015)
Pages: 462
Genre: Fantasy
Goodreads: Benjamin A. Sorensen

When Arana was accused of stealing the great treasure of the kingdom of Kaylar, her innocence was never the question.  Her accusers had no great reputation for mercy or understanding. But her problems are more than simply fleeing from the implacable soldiers of Kaylar.  For their treasure was indeed stolen – by a woman who wears her face and form.  As her flight takes her ever farther, person after person begins to believe that her death is necessary. She must find her way in an ever-expanding web of falsehood and truth.

Before she destroys everything.

Enter into the world of Prophecy by Benjamin A. Sorensen. Click HERE!


imageThe Raven
(The Secret Chronicles of Lost Magic Book 1)
Author: Aderyn Wood
Publisher: Amazon Digital (December 2015)
Pages: 234
Genre: Fantasy
Twitter: @aderynwood

When a foreign tribe attacks the peaceful Onan people, a lonely outcast is forced to reveal her secret Gift — but will such power bring acceptance?

It is the darkest time in winter, when suns, moons, and stars, all wane from the sky. In the Wolf clan, a baby is born with a powerful Gift, but dangerous omens brand her an Outcast, and the Elders name her Iluna. Orphaned since birth, Iluna struggles to find her place in the proud and distrustful Wolf clan, but as her powers bloom, she discovers a mysterious friend. Dark magic, war, and treachery soon jeopardize the life of every clan member; many suspect Iluna and her Gift.

Is this Outcast girl to blame, or is she salvation?

Read Book 1 of the Secret Chronicles of Lost Magic. Click HERE today!


imageSovereign’s Wake
(In the Absence of Kings series)
Author: Lee LaCroix
Publisher: CreateSpace (November 2015)
Pages: 346
Genre: Fantasy
Twitter: @lee_lacroix
Facebook: lee.e.lacroix
Goodreads:  Sovereign’s Wake

A kingdom crumbles without its ruler. The people fall to misery and desperation in the shadow of an empty throne. A father does what he must to save his son and his homeland in the absence of kings. Enter Garreth, ranger and former royal bodyguard, who embarks from his woodland home after defending it from the encroaching loggers of the Blackwoods Company. “The King is dead!” they had screamed at Garreth and drove the man to the capital of Amatharsus to resolve the most troubling statement in Malquia’s recent history.

Together with his son, Novas, and daughter of a murdered blacksmith, Kayten, Garreth is hounded by bandits, cutthroats, and highwaymen, unleashed upon the countryside by the abolition of the Crown Aegis, defenders of the King, his land, and his people. Garreth unites with the remnants of the Crown Aegis to overcome the military, political, and economic oppression that the Blackwoods Company has imposed on Amatharsus and incites rebellion before the free people of Malquia succumb to crippling recession and the environmental destruction of their verdant nation.

But can one man find the strength to challenge overwhelming odds when all hope is lost?

Explore the exciting new series, In the Absence of Kings by clicking HERE!


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