Spotlight on Astounding Authors

Spring is in the air…and so is a deadly virus that will eat you from the inside out! Slithering, gibbering things are existing in the peripheral of our vision and tales of a Gravedigger? That’s just a taste of what we have in store for you this week in our Spotlight on Astounding Authors!

There’s nothing our editors (which is pretty much just me) enjoy more than talking books with fellow fans. From our Astounding Authors to our Astounding Books, we welcome you to join the conversation, otherwise its just me talking to myself… which makes people stop and stare.  Head on over to Facebook, like us, then let us know what you think of our books.

(The Antidote Trilogy Book 1)
Author: Taylor Hondos
Publisher: BookTrope (Sept 2015)
Pages: 148
Genre: Sci-Fi / Dystopian
Twitter: @ThondosBooks
Facebook: AuthorTaylorHondos

Life sucks, and then you rot. No one knows how Dermadecatis is contracted, but its existence has changed everything for 18-year-old Lena, in this riveting debut from Taylor Hondos.

No contact with other people.

Masks must be worn at all times in public at all times.

Four months ago men, women and children alike began to rot from the inside out, and the world as we know it changed forever. Life goes on, but now everything revolves around the need to survive and find a cure for Dermadecatis, the disease that Lena Alona’s father discovered.

Unfortunately for Lena and everyone else who is desperate to survive, her father’s secrets died when he did.

Don’t miss out on the Antidote by Taylor Hondos, available now by CLICKING HERE!

imageMountains of Mischief
(Worlds of Change Series, Book 3)
Author: Gordon A. Long
Publisher: Airborn Press (January 2016)
Pages: 347
Genre: Alternate Reality / Fantasy
Twitter: @GordonLong
Facebook: gordonalongwriter

Nobody messes with a Dalmyn wagon train. That is the credo of Dalmyn Cartage, and their drivers and guards are up to the task of keeping it that way.
Until Aleria anDalmyn goes out on her first assignment as wagonmaster and runs into a simmering quarrel involving an ancient boundary dispute and forbidden Mechanical weapons. And a Ghost Beast from an ancient tale, which Aleria would prefer not to believe in until the mutilated bodies persuade her otherwise.

Trapped in the suffocating depths of a crumbling mountain fortress by an ambitious and relentless foe, Aleria struggles to survive as her small party gets whittled down and her confidence in her ability to do her duty fades. Even the sturdy presence of her guard Captain, Erlon, with his hand-and-a-half sword, and the handsome but diffident Kolwyn anLlannon, inheritor of the lore of the Old Ones, can protect her party if she makes the wrong move. And then there are the two unknown horsemen dogging her footsteps. Do they have contact with a traitor in her own camp? Who can she trust?

And where in her crowded life is there a time and a place for the love she craves? Find out by reading Mountains of Mischief by Gordon A. Long. Click Here to get your copy today!

imageTales of Blood and Sulphur:
Apocalypse Minor
(Short Stories)
Author: J. G. Clay
Publisher: Forsaken (2015)
Pages: 214
Genre: Horror
Twitter: @jgclay1
Facebook: jgclay1973

What happens when ordinary everyday people come face to face with the slithering, gibbering things that exist in the periphery of our vision? What happens when the future, far from being bright, is a dystopian nightmare where an all-powerful Church reduces the ordinary man in the street to walking organ banks? When, in the midst of human barbarity, a force more powerful than any human stalks it’s equally powerful prey? What happens when the Gods themselves turn sour, bitter and unforgiving? From the tropical idyll of a beach to the back streets of Mumbai and beyond, Tales of Blood and Sulphur grips by the arm with a skeletal grip and takes you to places where sanity is stretched to breaking point, where survival is not assured and where the monsters appear in our world in the blink of an eye. The blood runs wet, the sulphur still burns, the Tales are ready to be unleashed!

CLICK HERE to read the exciting debut from J.G Clay…Tales of Blood and Sulphur

Author: Michael-Israel Jarvis
Publisher: Booktrope (Oct. 2015)
Pages: 332
Genre: Young Adult / Fantasy
Twitter: @jarvisauthor
Facebook: Michael.israel.jarvis

Dead or alive. Good or evil. Hero or fugitive. Valo needs a specific solution to a grave problem. The human Claimfold and prigon Torzsi draw apart. War is promised in the West. Worst of all, the magi of Nagyevo are meddling with the dead. Perin is an apprentice Gravedigger: uneducated, unwanted, unsure. He may be the answer Valo needs, if he doesn’t get killed before he works out what’s going on. But of course there’s the chance that fate hasn’t called him after all. The gods are nameless and silent and the best laid plans have a way of going badly wrong. Enter the spade and sorcery world of Valo.

Gravedigger subverts the expectations of that oldest of foes in fantasy, the dead that walk, in a fast-paced adventure through a world of culture, intrigue, magic and blood. Get your copy today by CLICKING HERE!


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