Summer of Bond

imageIt’s been more than 7 months since I started Astounding Books and I’ve had a tremendous amount of fun reading some amazing new talents and talking with all of you astonishing authors and readers. Our Facebook and Twitter pages have been growing at an amazing rate. I’ve enjoyed interacting with many of you and hopefully I’ve been able to contribute a little by promoting books when I could. But as the weather changes for the better here in Michigan I’ve decided to take a short sabatical for the summer. While I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all of the wonderful novels I’ve read, reviewed and sampled over these past months, it’s time to tackle a few novels on MY reading list.

imageI’m calling this “The Summer of Bond”. Years ago, on a trip to Traverse City Michigan, I discovered a small book shop and a rack of Ian Fleming’s James Bond novels. At the time I was astonished to find that the movies that I enjoyed starring Roger Moore were originally novels.  I bought three and finished one of them in the two hour trip back to the lake where our cottage was.  The other two novels didn’t last long.

It’s been nearly 35 years since that vacation, so I’ve decided to revisit those books and read as many James Bond novels as I can (In Order!) between Memorial Day and Labor Day.  Of course I still have a slew of other books to get to as well, so we will see how far I make it.

First on the list is Casino Royale, followed by Live and Let Die, Moonraker and Diamonds Are Forever. Click on the links to order or download your copies.

It’s also time to do some fishing. I fish. A lot. And when the summer winds turn slow and the waters calm, there is nothing better than sitting back in my boat, a line cast out over the side and a book in my hand, wasting the time away. But have no fear, Astounding Books will return in September with more author interviews, more Spotlights on Astounding Authors, and of course more book reviews from independent, self published and indie authors.

You can join me in my Summer of Bond if you like.  I promise to review them and give you my thoughts after Labor Day. I would love to hear from you how you enjoyed them (or not?).  Astounding Books will still accept submissions, but please know that I won’t be looking to review any till this fall. In the meantime, subscribe to my blog to get any updates and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook.

Thank you all for being such loyal readers of Astounding Books!

See you in September!


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