About Astounding Books

NOTE: Astounding Books is taking a short sabbatical for the summer of 2016 and will not be reviewing books till sometime in September 2016. You are welcome to still submit a request but I probably won’t be able to get to any replies or review till the end of Summer (see our main story on our homepage HERE). 

Be sure to subscribe to this blog and follow us on Facebook to get update on when we return. Thank you for being fans of Astounding Books!

Have a great Summer! 

Review Policy

So you want us to review your novel?

Astounding Books is open to receiving solicited and unsolicited Advance Reading Copies and Review Copies of books from authors and publishers. Our preferred genres are Speculative Fiction, which include: Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Dystopian and Science Fiction as well as Young Adult Speculative / Dystopian. We do occasionally review current fiction / literature and will also consider mysteries, true crime and graphic novels if we can convince our part-time reviewer (my wife) to read the novel.

We will accept self-published novels as well. In fact, we encourage it.

Please note that when your request is accepted, Astounding Books will provide an honest review.

We welcome participation in Book Blog Tours and Author interviews. These are considered on a case-by-case basis and typically we only choose those that fit our primary genres.

As much as I would love to read every book, Astounding Books cannot promise to review every request. However, when requesting us to review your novel, it’s probably best to write a very convincing description of the novel. We will try to respond to each email to let you know if we accept your request for review.

Our review copy preference is for ebooks, followed by print copies. Our preferred format is MOBI or Kindle supported. If you want to send us a physical copy of your novel, please email us and we will give you the address to mail it to. Novels will not be returned.

If you have a question, or should you want to submit a request for review, please email me at AstoundingBooks@comcast.net. Please include your name, title of the novel, a compelling description of the novel, expected release date, restrictions on review release and anything else you feel I should know. We also like to help promote any social media links you may have, so if you are on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Goodreads or any other platform, please include links. Also, if possible, please include a jpg of the cover and your brief biography.

Not every book reviewed on Astounding Books is an ARC. Reviews on Astounding Books that are for ARC are duly noted in the review.


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